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Our Story

It all started one day when I was grocery shopping in Vancouver, I realized that almost all the organic produce in store seem to come from all around the world and most of the local produce were “traditionally” grown which basically means “with a lot of chemical help” and the few local organic produce available were very expensive!

So I started searching for delivery services, tried a few, and once again, not all organic, not all local! Nothing compared to what I used to get back home in the south of France!

Then I thought maybe there were not a lot of organic farms around Vancouver or even in BC and that’s why you can’t really find it? So, as one does in that case, I googled it!

And that’s when I realized that there are in fact a lot of organic farms around Vancouver! A lot of really great quality, delicious organic produce all over BC and some as close as 30 minutes drive from Vancouver!

I started shopping there but going from farm to farm would often take me all day! Nobody has time for that!

Few months later, Organivores was born!

I still spend half a day 3 times a week running around and finding the best and freshest organic produce BC has to offer and the other half is spent delivering it right to your door so you can enjoy it too!







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