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Is there a deadline to place my order?
You can order whenever you want! All orders placed before Tuesday 11:59pm will be delivered the same week, we will send you an e-mail on the Wednesday after ordering to confirm your delivery time.

Is there a minimum order to get the free delivery?
No! With Organivores the delivery is always free.

Can I customize my bin?
Our bins are assembled according to seasonal availability and variety. However if you'd like to not have certain produces or more of another, you can let us know at the moment of purchase in the provided field.

When and where do you deliver?
Deliveries happen on Fridays or Saturdays from 2pm to 8pm depending on your neighbourhood. We send you an email the previous Wednesday to give you the day and the time frame on your delivery. But you can always send us a preferred time when you order and we will try to accommodate you!

Do I have to be home for the delivery?
We would love to see you when we deliver your basket! But, of course, we understand if you can’t be there. 
If you live in a house and trust your neighbours we can simply leave your basket in front of your house, and you will find it when you arrive home. 
If you live in a condo/apartment you can make an arrangement with your landlord, concierge or a friendly neighbour to open the door for us or pick up your basket. 
We can also deliver your basket at work, at your parent's or anywhere else you tell us to (within our delivery areas)! 

Is all your produce local and organic?
Yes! All our produce is 100% organic and 100% local! Most of our produce comes from organic farms located within a 100 mile radius of Vancouver and some is from organic farms located throughout beautiful British Columbia.

Do I have to subscribe?
You don’t have to! However, if you are planning on ordering every week (or every 2 weeks) you can subscribe to our recurring order service and get 5% off every order. But don’t worry! If you set up a recurring order with us, you will still have complete control over it. If you want to pause it, change the size of your basket or even cancel it, simply click here and you can change anything you need. At all times, feel free to e-mail us when you have any concerns. 

What do I do with the bin?
At the time of your next delivery, simply give your empty bin back to the delivery guy or girl and we will take care of it! If you are not home at the time of the delivery, leave it outside, we will pick it up and leave a bin full of delicious local organic produce instead. 
If you decide to take a break with your orders, send us an email and we can stop by to pick up the bin you received at your last order at any time that is convenient for you.  


Can't find the answer to your question?
Send us an email and we'll answer any of your questions. 


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