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Why are we delivering your local organic produce in a bin?

The answer is simple: we do it for the environment!

By using reusable bins and avoiding unnecessary packaging (plastic or paper bags, cardboard boxes…) to deliver your local organic produce to your door, we reduce waste and help protect the planet!

You can use our bins as you please between deliveries as long as you make sure we can pick it up when you are done ordering so we can reuse it or recycle it :)

The strong bins that we use help protect your local organic produce during the delivery and keep them fresh and delicious for you!


What to do with the bin after delivery?

At the time of your next delivery, simply give your empty bin back to the delivery guy or girl and we will take care of it! If you are not home at the time of delivery, leave it outside, we will pick it up and leave a bin full of delicious local organic produce instead :)


Cleaning or not cleaning?

You don’t have to! But you can :) Just know that even just a little wipe will be much appreciated! But don’t worry if you don’t, we wash all our bins before we fill them up again with delicious local organic produce :)


Taking a break in your orders? 

No problem! Send us an email and we will send someone to pick it up during one of our delivery days. It’s free and simple!

If a bin pick up cannot be arranged, you will be charged $10 for each delivery bin that has been in your possession for more than 6 weeks. You will get a full refund for every bins you return to Organivores.



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